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High quality, clean seed is our priority!  Pay attention to Germination, Vigour and Disease numbers when evaluating seed for your farm.  Purity is also a huge factor in the quality of any lot of seed.  Purchasing Pedigree seed guarantees your level of purity.  As licenced Operators and Graders with CFIA, we have the highest confidence in the purity of our seed offered for sale.

We offer a selection of Pedigree and common seed.  All seed business transactions must obey the laws of Canada with respect to Plant Breeders Rights.

Feel free to browse the selection of our seed below and contact us if you have any questions.

Custom seed treating is also available under most circumstances.  Please call in advance to arrange this service if it is required.


Spring Wheat - CWRS

AAC Prevail VB Wheat
AAC Brandon  Wheat
AAC Viewfield Wheat
CDC Landmark VB Wheat

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Spring Wheat – SWS

AC Andrew Wheat

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Durum Wheat - CWAD

AAC Spitfire Durum
CDC Credence Durum
CDC Alloy Durum

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Barley - Malt

AC Metcalfe
CDC Copeland

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Lentils - Large Green

CDC Lima
CDC Impower
CDC Greenstar

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Lentils - Small Red

CDC Proclaim Small Red Lentil
CDC Maxim Small Red Lentil
CDC Impulse Small Red Lentil

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Canary Seed

CDC Cibo Canary Seed
CDC Calvi Canary Seed

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