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About Us

We are a third generation family farm in West Central Saskatchewan.  My grandfather began farming here after immigrating with his parents from the former Ukraine.  It took several start-up efforts before a successful operation was maintained and passed on to my father’s care.  My Mom and Dad farmed together and began their seed business in the 1970s.  The dynamics and protocols required of a seed farm can seem intimidating when switching from commercial production as my Dad can attest to.  Having grown up only knowing the nature of a seed farm has helped focus my attention to detail in our operation.  Cara and I moved back to the farm in the spring of 2008 and have continued the seed business, looking for opportunities to add value to our operation.  We are passionate about agriculture and are fortunate to have a family of our own to provide opportunities for!


Brennan Wiens
Owner, Wiens Seed Farm


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